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Thank you for visiting Fervor Images. We look forward to assisting you with your brand. We treat the branding of all our clients as if it is our own. As a Product Design and Media Firm, we understand how important first impressions and branding can help open up great opportunities in pushing your brand to the next level. We thrive to demonstrate leadership in taking the initiative in approaching and managing client portfolios in order to deliver a world-class product.

Why Fervor Images

CEO-Fervor Images, Augustus Laurencin Jr.

I thrive to demonstrate leadership and take initiative in my approach on how I should manage a client's portfolio. I push to always deliver a world class product for my clients. I know how important it is to trust someone with your event, an artist, a wedding or even a product for your business.

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A look through my lens


R&B and Pop artist, Lloyd

“I can tell that you don't take pictures just to take them. You look for that right moment. Some photographers have me looking crazy, but you're good. You know you're good.”

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