Fashion Shoot

Fashion is expression

Dj Oreo

Most of the time an artist knows how they want to see themselves. This is where collective brainstorming and the magic comes into fruition.

Skyrah Bliss

Behind the scenes

L.o.u.d. musik artist skyrah bliss


One of my greatest creations

teen wolf

This is one of my greatest moments every. What can I say about collaborating on this piece

with my daughter? In so many words, I was such a spectator and a proud father. We first began joking in the studio, but then I wanting to observe her creative flow. I wanted to see how she worked. Of course the photographer in me kicked in and I saw her playing with her hair in between shots. At that moment I told her let's run with that look. We had a few conversations prior to that about what it was like becoming a teenager. This is why I titled this, "Teen Wolf".