A closer look

Understanding My Passion For Photography

Almost every time I'm at an event without my camera or even laid back at home watching a movie, I find myself taking pictures, editing and cropping imagery in my mind of a particular scene. I'm trying to figure out what is it that the Director of Photography is thinking whilst he's on the set. Did he picture the final edited product in his head at that very moment he's taking the picture? Is he nervous as soon as he finishes a shoot like I am? Can he sleep that same night, but can't because of the exciting photos that he took earlier that day? All of these things excites my creative palette.

Capturing that right moment is what I live and look for. I remember Lloyd's (R&B singer and songwriter) mother said to me, "Your photos of my son makes me feel as if I was there. Your photos are amazing!" She went on to express the fact that it was important

for her to give me my flowers as a photographer because we seldom times get credit for the exciting imagery that is captured. That moment helped me realize how much in purpose I am. My passion for this industry took on a life of its own and I enjoy capturing every moment of it. I didn't choose photography; it chose me and I receive it. Someone stated to me that I'm in purpose on purpose and I truly received that message.

“You know, as photographers, we do pictures, and people either like them or they hate them.”