To Have and to Love

Stopping time to capture your memories

Mr. & MRS. Johnathan Farmer

I remember going home to sleep the night before this wedding. The pandemic started a week prior and this couple refused to let that get in the way of them sharing their vows in front of their family and friends. You can only imagine that the couple's original ideas was altered due to Covid-19 from the Cake to the decorations and the venue. They found this location that would give them a way to practice social distancing and immediately, I got it!!! A Cinderella in the Forrest theme wedding felt fitting to me as the vision. That was my mindset for every photo that I captured.


I tend to always pay attention to the smallest detail in the room. My philosophy is that the smallest detail in an image can really make or break it. Like Peter Lindbergh said, "You know, as photographers, we do pictures, and people either like them or they hate them." That's how I feel about the smallest details in a shot. SO I was watching the men get themselves together for the big day and couldn't help but notice how much of they were reminding of a wedding catalogue. So, I went with that look with every photo that I captured. I wanted to focus on the Grandfather helping his grandson with his tailoring and the father's pensive demeanor as he fixed his bow tie. Those details I felt were moments that the husband

to be could look back on and channel those thoughts and emotions of that very moment.